Parent-Infant Program

The research is clear, the critical language learning window is from birth to about age three. That's when a child's brain is most ready for both speech and language skill development. That's why PEI created the Parent Infant Program.

We help children, birth to 18 months, with direct speech, language, and auditory habilitation therapy so infants begin to use their listening skills and voices to communicate. Each child works with our staff once to twice a week depending on his or her age. Activities are centered around promoting speech, listening, social interaction and the use of expressive language. Specifically, we’ll work with your child on:

  • Imitation, joint attention, engagement, eye contact, turn-taking, cause and effect, play, anticipation, choices, gestures
  • Babbling
  • Beginning speech sounds
  • First words and two-word combinations (beginning sentences), commenting, labeling, and protesting
  • Differentiating between different sounds, letting others know if he/she has heard a sound or if equipment is not working
  • Following one- and two-step instructions

Then, at 18 months, children transition into the PEI School for Oral Deaf Education.

Throughout this entire process, parents are educated and empowered to understand their child’s hearing loss and are given strategies and opportunities to develop listening and speaking skills so that the work continues at home. Moreover, supporting parents of children with hearing loss is a priority at Presbyterian Ear Institute. We realize the new information an opportunities can be overwhelming but our professional staff is available to provide education and assistance to navigate this new world. .Upon entering the program, each new family is paired with a current PEI family for mentorship and guidance. We also invite new parents to join the PEI Parent Association.

Call us to day to learn more about the Parent Infant Program. You will find out how deaf and hard-of-hearing children are using the most advanced technologies to open up the endless possibilities of the speaking and hearing world around them.