30th Anniversary Celebration and Auction

September 9, 2017

Please join PEI for our 30th anniversary of unlocking the unlimited potential of deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals across New Mexico. Come celebrate with us at our dinner and auction event while exploring the antique treasures in the Gertrude Zachary Castle on September 9, 2017. We have an exciting night of great food, fun, and experiences in store for you. This will be a night to remember, so mark your calendars now!

For 30 years, PEI has helped deaf children listen, learn and speak using state-of-the-art technology, therapy and teaching techniques. Our mission is to help these children integrate into mainstream society able to compete on an even playing field with normal hearing children. This year as we celebrate our 30th anniversary, we will honor key individuals that have helped unlock the potential for so many children. 100% of proceeds go to helping further our mission, and we greatly appreciate your support.